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Thursday, November 15, 2007


In "iPhone and text entry" K1v1n complains about the iPhone / iTouch 'keyboard', and wonders if instead of spending time correcting the endemic finger checks, "Can we libe with good eoifg?"

No, we can't.

Here is a step in the future direction we'll be going with mobile keyboards: Frogpad. Obviously not good enough; it's too big. I'm thinking I'd want something like the stick of a joystick, that I could grip and do entry with my fingers, with buttons where the fingers rest. TrackPoint on the end controllable via your thumb, for moving the 'cursor'. Hell, I'll live with one finger button and learn morse code.

Anything is better than a soft keyboard. Multi-tap is better than a soft keyboard.

The funniest thing to me is that the assumption that a soft keyboard is deemed acceptable at all. We've been stuck with this same damn keyboard layout for over 100 years. I think we can move on. Apple, you're supposed to be innovative, right? Let's see some real innovation, please.

Once we have that nasty 'keyboard' problem solved, and since we already have the audio problem solved, the last problem is video. That solved, I can just keep my iBoxen, which only needs an on/off switch and maybe a power plug, in my pocket or man-purse, where it belongs.

We're not talking about flying cars here folks.

BTW, the FrogPad looks like it would be fun to try as a MIDI controller, except for the fact that it costs $150.

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