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Thursday, May 26, 2011

public weinre server hosted on the intertubes

Although I knew it was coming, the twitter post from Andrew Lunny yesterday made me very happy:

hosted weinre for PhoneGap Build is now live at

Awesome! The fine folks at Nitobi are running this server, not me. Thank you so much! I owe everyone involved a cool beverage of your choice, next time we meet (OSCON?).

Of course, if you have any questions about using weinre, including this new public debug server, don't hesitate to ask:

some additional things to do for multi-user weinre servers

There's always more work to do, isn't there?

  • make the front page easier to use and understand, if required

  • optimize client and target resources - ok, this is kinda embarrassing, but the weinre server is not making use of some of the well-known best practices to optimize HTTP resource access

  • provide some hints / tips / best practices for folks wanting to run their own multi-user weinre server

In case you're wondering why someone would want to run another multi-user weinre server, now that we have one "in the cloud":

  • um, you're going to depend on the cloud?

  • there's not much security around the current weinre client/server interaction patterns, and there is at least the problem that the current debug packets are flowing across the internet in plain text. That includes, at a minimum, any serialized versions of DOM nodes that you are seeing in the DOM elements panel.

Given that, seems like it would make sense for organizations to run their own in-house weinre servers.

I'm planning on setting up a weinre server inside the IBM firewall for IBMers to use. I'll post news on that subject to the new weinre "Community" I set up on the IBM internal "Connections" page. To find that community, search for weinre, mobile, debug, etc.