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Friday, November 30, 2012

weinre installable at heroku (and behind other proxy servers)

I finally resolved an issue with weinre relating to using it behind proxy servers.

Matti Paksula figured out what the problem was, but I wasn't happy with the additional complexity involved, so I made a simpler and more drastic change (in the getChannel() function).

Used to be, subsequent weinre connections after the first were checked to make sure they came from the same "computer"; that was just a silly sort of security check that can be worked around, if need be. So why bother with it, if it just gets in the way.

So, now weinre can run on heroku. I have a wrapper project at GitHub you can use to create your own server:

Since Heroku provides 750 free dyno-hours per app per month, and weinre is one app, and uses one dyno at a time, and 750 hours are in a month, you can run a weinre server on the Intertubes for free.

As usual, weinre has been updated on npm.