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Thursday, February 05, 2009

it's alive! JavaScript modules

Less than a month ago, I posted one of my long-winded blog entries, the subject being "JavaScript Modules". A week ago, Kevin Dangoor posted a blog entry titled "What Server Side JavaScript needs". One of the issues Kevin raised was:

JavaScript needs a standard way to include other modules and for those modules to live in discreet namespaces. There are easy ways to do namespaces, but there's no standard programmatic way to load a module (once!). This is really important, because server side apps can include a lot of code and will likely mix and match parts that meet those standard interfaces.

Kevin's post led to the creation of the serverjs Google group then a wiki and an IRC channel on freenode - #serverjs.

Well, yeeee haw!

While Kevin's post is really aimed at server-side JavaScript, a lot of the concepts he talks about are actually interesting to think about in the context of web browsers as well, as far as I'm concerned. And I'm not alone. There are also folks who don't give a flip about the browser and that's fine too.

With regards to "modules", there is a proposal for something that's pretty similar to what I blogged about, which I'm obvious partial to. And there are other alternatives. And spirited debate. Come join the fun!

Now there's talk of test cases. Good lord! In a week!