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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

weinre 1.3.0 available

weinre 1.3.0 is now available in the usual place: Changelog is available here:

Major changes for this release:

  • CSS style editing now available. I'm surprised more people haven't complained about this - I think this is one of my favorite features of big Web Inspector. If you're not familiar with it, there's some documentation on Chrome's DevTools documentation site about style editing.

  • The Resources panel has been enabled, but currently only the localStorage and sessionStorage entries contain values. I couldn't resist adding localStorage support after seeing Steve Souder's blog post "Storager case study: Bing, Google".

A few notes on the style editing:

  • Those little yellow warning icons to the left of the property names are error indicators; either the property name or value is incorrect. Unfortunately, for weinre, we can only catch such errors for properties you edit. We can't catch errors that are present in your CSS that the browser originally sees. The CSSOM doesn't provide access to error-ish stuff.

  • Adding new style rules doesn't work yet. Vote on this issue if you really need it; pretty low priority for me.

  • If the Matched CSS Rules section is empty for most of the elements you click on, it may be because of same origin restrictions for accessing CSS rules via the CSSOM. In other words, weinre may not be able to see the CSS rules for CSS files that you import from a different origin than the original document. Still investigating.

As always, for bugs or feature requests, create an an issue.