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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

2006-12 International PHP magazine articles from IBMers

2006 December International PHP Magazine

In the December 2006 edition of the International PHP Magazine you'll find articles by some of my IBM colleagues:

  • PHP - A Language Implementer's Perspective - Experiments With the PHP Engine
    By Graeme Johnson and Zoë Slattery

    In this article we will describe some experimental work in building a PHP engine from existing virtual machine components. We were interested in seeing if we could reuse high performance VM components to create a high performance PHP implementation. We will talk about the process that we went through and what we learned about PHP along the way.

  • Service Component Architecture for PHP - Reusable Components and Effort-free Web Services
    By Matthew Peters

    In this article we will survey some of what Service Component Architecture (SCA) for PHP offers the programmer. We have high hopes that the combination of reusable components, which can be called either locally, or remotely via Web Services, with the same interface will be of interest, and that anyone who works with Web Services may be interested in the ease with which an SCA component can be deployed as a Web Service: a simple matter of adding annotations and dropping the component under the web server's document root.

Both Matthew and Graeme presented on these respective topics at the International PHP Conference last month.

Graeme; sorry I had to link you to my blog, I still can't find yours :-)