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Friday, March 30, 2012

unofficial weinre binary packages for your convenience at my apache home page

weinre is now getting ready to go for the brass ring at Apache: an "official" release.


Until that time, I have unofficial binary packages available for your convenience.

I've gone ahead and created a little download site at my personal Apache page, here:

The download site contains all the doc and binary packages for every weinre version I've 'shipped', in the 1.x directories. It also contains unofficial binary packages of recent cuts of weinre for your convenience, as the bin, doc, and src directories in the weinre-builds directory, and the same version of the doc, unpacked, in the latest directory of weinre-docs.

As with previous binary releases for your convenience, you can npm install weinre. Here's the recipe:

npm install {base-url}apache-cordova-weinre-{version}-bin.tar.gz

{base-url} =
{version}  = 2.0.0-pre-H0FABA3W-incubating

That version number will change, so I'm not providing an exact link. Check the directory.

help me help you

If you'd like to accelerate the process of getting weinre to "official" status, you can help!

  • install it
  • use it
  • review it
  • build it
  • enhance it

Feel free to post to the cordova mailing list at Apache, the weinre google group, clone the source from Apache or GitHub, etc. All the links are here:

One link I forgot to add, and feel free to open a bug about this, is the link to open a bug. It's hideous (the URL). Add component "weinre" and maybe a "[weinre]" prefix on the summary.

Thank you for helping yourself!

you f'ing moved the downloads again you f'er!

Chill. And some bad news. The official releases won't be here (I don't think). But I will provide a link on that site to the official releases, when they become real.

I intend to keep this page around until I can get all the weinre bits available in more appropriate places at Apache. Not there yet.

personal home pages at Apache

Apache provides "home pages" for Apache committers. That's what I'm using for this archive site. If you're a committer, and curious about how I did the directory indexing, the source for the site (modulo actual archives), is here:

2012/03/30 1pm update

Jan Lehnardt pointed out to me on twitter that I should avoid the use of the world "release", so that word has been changed to things like "binary package for your convenience".