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Tuesday, January 22, 2019


After 3.5 years at NodeSource, I retired at the end of last week. I really loved working there - great people, fun products, challenging problems to solve. Alas, my work history shows that I tend to not stick around an organization more than 3-4 years, even with great projects. I kinda enjoy mixing things up every few years, and as I get older ... there realistically won't be that many more for me, before I really retire.

So, shakin' things up!

Taking a few months off, but here's my current rough list of TODOs:

In order to kill more birds with less stones, there's a particular app I'd like to build to display weather information, something I've been wanting to build for a while. So I guess I can try building that with the client bits, deploying that a bunch of different ways, and blog about it. A Max standalone app for it is a stretch goal :-)