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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

my new job at IBM involving node.js

Over the last year, as my work on weinre (part of the Apache Cordova project) has wound way down, folks have been asking me "What are you working on now?"

The short answer was "cloud stuff". The long answer started with "working with the Cloud Foundry open source PaaS project".

IBM has been involved in the Cloud Foundry project for a while now. I've been working on different aspects of using Cloud Foundry, almost all of them focused around deploying node.js applications to Cloud Foundry-based platforms.

About a month and a half ago, IBM announced our new BlueMix PaaS offering1, based on Cloud Foundry.

And as of a few weeks ago, I've taken a new job at IBM that I call "Developer Advocate for BlueMix, focusing on node.js". Gotta word-smith that a bit. In this role, I'll continue to be able to work on different aspects of our BlueMix product and the open source Cloud Foundry project, using node.js, only this time, more in the open.

This is going to be fun.

I already have a package up at npm - cf-env - which makes it a bit easier to deal with your app's startup configuration. It's designed to work with Cloud Foundry based platforms, so works with BlueMix, of course.

I've also aggregated some node.js and BlueMix information together into a little site, hosted on BlueMix:

I plan on working on node.js stuff relating to:

  • things specifically for BlueMix
  • things more generally for Cloud Foundry
  • things more generally for using any PaaS
  • things more generally for using node.js anywhere

I will be posting things specific to BlueMix on the BlueMix dev blog, and more general things on this blog.

If you'd like more information on using node.js on BlueMix or CloudFoundry, don't hesitate to get in touch with me. The easiest ways are @pmuellr on twitter, or email me at

Also, did you know that IBM builds it's own version of node.js ? I'm not currently contributing to this project, but I've known the folks that are working on it, for a long time. Like, from the Smalltalk days. :-)

note on weinre

I continue to support weinre. You can continue to use the following link to find the latest information, links to forums and bug trackers, etc.

I will add that most folks have absolutely no need for weinre anymore; both Android and iOS have great stories for web app debug.

As Brian LeRoux has frequently stated, one of the primary goals of Apache Cordova is to cease to exist. weinre has nearly met that goal.

1 Try Bluemix for free during the beta -