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Saturday, August 18, 2007

response to jsr 311

Marc Hadley responded quite quickly to my blog entry on JSR 311. Excellent. I'm really digging the transparency. I'm thinking Twitter may have played a part in the quick response.

w/r/t the GPL vs CDDL licensing issue; sorry, I'm sure I saw CDDL on some of the pages, I should have included it in the blog post. I frankly am not all that familiar with the CDDL, but Dave Johnson got me curious about something, and sure enough, it looks like Apache allows CDDL licensed binary software to be shipped with Apache projects. Note that the link above is a proposal, but it sounds like Apache is already doing this in some cases with CDDL. Very cool.

As for the other issues Marc raised; it's silly to debate via blog posts; looks like the would be the most appropriate place to have the discussion.

But I can't resist making two notes.

From Marc: "On the Java ME side, the fact that 311 is primarily a server side API ... means it is less suitable for the ME environment anyway."

To quote from the Java ME Sun Products overview, "As CDC is not limited to just the wireless market, and expands into other emerging markets like digital television, telematics, multi-function printers, ...". Those sound like platforms that could make use of a server supporting RESTful web services.

From Marc: "Jersey will automatically produce a WADL description"

Wonderful. The point isn't even necessarily that you should make this part of the spec, but to ensure that this is do-able within the current spec's design. Because you don't want to find out later, after the spec has been finalized, that the design prevents something like generating a description. Sounds like you're doing that with the WADL generation. I'd like to see the same done with the client.

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