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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Java, please evolve

As the Java language continues to add dysfunctional function to it's libraries, and as it doesn't add stuff we need to it's libraries, and we bicker about licensing details of test cases, Microsoft is doing something interesting in the CLR that Java should have done years ago.


We need to seriously stir some stuff up in the Java space. A lot.

I see signs of hope. Today in the #jruby irc channel on, there was some heretical chatter about using grizzly to tie directly into JRuby on Rails, avoiding Servlet (~shiver~) altogether.

This is excellent thinking. We need more heresy like this.

BTW, Charles Nutter (of JRuby fame) is running an informal "dynamic languages on the JVM" session at JavaOne. Contact him for more details.

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