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Friday, January 05, 2007

Xdebug support for Eclipse PDT

'Time to debug' by Henri Bergius

A colleague of mine from the UK, Dave Kelsey, has just uploaded a bit of nifty new functionality for the Eclipse PDT Project. PDT stands for PHP Development Tool, the new name of the PHP IDE project at Eclipse.

The new functionality enables you to use the PHP XDebug extension. As shipped, the PDT project ships support for the Zend Debugger. For any of a number of reasons, you might want to be able to use XDebug instead of the Zend Debugger extension. Now you can!

Brief information available here, code and doco available here.

Dave hangs out on the newsgroup on the NNTP server, if you have any questions, bugs to report, etc. Note that you need to be registered to the news server; if you don't already have a userid, you can get one from here.

Also note that Ben Ramsey just posted a blog entry about how to set up the Zend Debugger in Eclipse.

Photo 'Time to debug' with a nice CC license, by Henri Bergius. Found using the Flickr's Create Commons Search.

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