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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Radio Paradise

Have I plugged Radio Paradise before? Maybe; if not it's time for another plug.

This is simply the best radio station I've ever listened to. It's not like there's much competion in the RTP, NC area. At Purdue, we used to get some pretty good stations out of both Indy and Chi-town, and DC/Baltimore had some decent stations when I was there.

But RP beats them all. Plays new stuff I can tolerate, and generally like. Old stuff I love. Non-intrusive, commercial-wise.

Time to donate again.

Click here to see what they've played recently.

We get DirecTV at home, and so also have some of the XM channels, but none of the ones I get compare. In a pinch (I'm upstairs, don't have a computer plugged into speakers), I'll listen to the XM traditional Jazz or Blues channels. The closest channels to RP play too much crap.

RP has actually turned me off of buying music. I'd much rather have the variety from them than to have to manually switch what I'm listening to. Yes, I am rather lazy.

I've done the emusic thing, a few years back, when they had unlimited downloads. I downloaded LOADs of stuff, mainly older jazz, but the first 1/2 of Elvis Costello's catalog more than made up for the $45 I paid for unlimited downloads for 3 months. Not really played with anything else, like, or as Mark suggested in his blog, OpSound; RP is just too easy.

If I could only get RP in my car, I'd be set.

Playing right now: SCOTS - Fried Chicken And Gasoline (link) . A "local" band.


Josh Staiger said...

Out of curiosity, have you tried Pandora?

Omar Cruz said...
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