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Friday, April 28, 2006

A Reel Man making the rounds

My buddy Todd Lothery's movie, A Reel Man, is making the rounds. Here's a short blurb I pulled from the Indianapolis International Film Festival:

A Reel Man is a profile of Skip Elsheimer, a Raleigh, North Carolina resident who collects educational films. Skip started collecting these 16mm films many years ago, and he now has almost 17,000. His archive includes films from the 1940s, ‘50s, ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s on every conceivable instructional topic – sex education, personal hygiene, public safety, driver’s ed, occupational training, the dangers of drugs and alcohol, how to be popular, etc. The films in Skip’s archive are campy, amusing and not a little propagandistic, but they’re also valuable, fascinating time capsules that reflect America’s social attitudes and cultural values throughout the last half-century.

A Reel Man appears to also have been shown on a public tv network in South Carolina.

I saw A Reel Man as Todd's project at the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke, where he honed his craft. The movie had it's first public showing at the Asheville Film Festival.


For Raleigh-ites, you may remember Todd as a movie reviewer for the News and Observer a few years back. He and his wife Kay Wiles headed back home to Indy to be closer to family. We miss 'em!

Also for Raleigh-ites, Skip's A/V Geeks web site has a list of events where he'll be showing his movies, including free showings fairly often at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences.

For everyone, A/V Geeks has lots of stuff available for purchase, and some downloadable movies.

I gotta get Todd to upload his movie to YouTube after it makes the rounds.

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