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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Dash Time

I called into the Dash Time conference today. It was Bjorn and Ward and a little later, Wayne Beaton. And me. I don't think anyone else joined.

I completed hogged all the time chatting about Eclipse Monkey. What luxury to get these guy's ears for a little while. Wayne gave me an idea on how to fix my classloader issue with my scriptloader DOM, and I've got a hack in for it. Think I'll go ahead and package up what I got, to give me a chance to figure out how to create a freaking update site again (it's been two years since I've done this), and write some doc. I'll upload to my web site when I have something, but until bug 131360 is available in an Eclipse Monkey release, using ScriptLoader will also require a hack to the eclipsemonkey plugin MANIFEST.MF to export the javascript packages.

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