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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Cancelled trip to Charleston

Peter and I were planning on going to Charleston this last weekend; actually Sunday through Tuesday. But the weather foiled our plans. In two ways. First, the weather in Charleston, particularly on Monday, the only full day we'd be there, kept getting worse and worse every day we looked at it. But the weather in the triangle was the kicker. They were forecasting snow. I'd be a dead man if we were out of town and the triangle got snow. Since it would have been on the ground for all of an hour or so.

And of course, the weather in Charleston on Monday was cloudy and nice temp; and we never got any snow here.

I used Yahoo's Trip Planner again; it's not perfect, but it really is pretty useful. And the price is right. I should do a little review of it at some point. Anyway, we had planned on staying at the Doubletree right down town (on Market St, IIRC). Price wasn't horrible, and the location looked great. One odd thing was they wanted 48 hours advance notice for cancellation. That's kind of sucky.

So, we'll have to start planning another weekend. I'm not so sure about Charleston anymore though. The prices for staying downtown on a Saturday night are absolutely rediculous.

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