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Saturday, January 10, 2009

spring break in canada?

My wife has this bizarre problem. She likes snow. Apparently, it's genetic, as my children suffer from this as well. Despite the fact that we sometimes get deluged with snow (per the included image), most of the time, we get nothing, or not enough to count.

I've suggested to my wife several times that we should take a vacation in Canada some time; I hear they got lots of the white stuff up there. She's taking me seriously now; desperation is setting in, it appears.

The current thought on time frame is spring break, which for us falls at the beginning of April. Seems pretty dicey to me as to whether they'll still be any snow around by then.

I've been to Mont Tremblant and the big log cabin at Montebello, for "work related meetings", both of which are the kind of thing I'm thinking about, though I'm guessing more expensive than I'd like.

Any suggestions from the lazy web?


Roo said...

If skiing is what you're looking for - head west. Big White is a great (low key) experience, and if you haven't done Whistler/Blackcomb its a must do.

Check out some of the packages that SkiCan offers.

Patrick Mueller said...

Should have qualified. Skiing is not required. And we'd prefer to stay East, I think. (I'm thinking driving might be a possibility, especially now that we have an additional driver.)

We stopped by Whistler in the summer of 2007, and I had "done" it the winter 2005. Rather, it had done me (terribly skiier). I also highly recommend it.

In general, the Northwest is one of our favorite places to visit.

Paul W. Homer said...

The best snow in Toronto generally comes from mid-January to early March, although lately we've been getting snowed in earlier and for longer. Right now for instance we've got over a foot on the ground (but it's melting today).

It's been very erratic in the last decade, possibly a consequence of global pollution problems?

After last year, I've become quite tired of snow, four seasons and winter in specific. When so much show has fallen that you don't have anywhere left to shovel it, the charm tends to dissolve :-)

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