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Friday, March 23, 2007



So, I'm not totally convinced on the Twitter thing yet, but I'm an information junkie, so how can I resist?

Twitter will feed you messages via SMS, IM, or you can go to the website. However, I don't do SMS, the IM has been broken since I started playing with Twitter, and the web site is a web site. I don't really 'check' web sites anymore.

So, I was thinking on the drive home from work that I should hook Twitter up with Growl. In fact, I figured someone must have already done this. And they have. The first couple I looked at on google were Ruby, and didn't seem fully operational, so I thought I'd write one. And here it is. It's rough; you'll have to install a Python library, and install wget. You can do it.

Took a total of 1.5 hours; my Python is a bit rusty; had to consult the manual constantly. But there's something just fun about writing Python; I should do more.

Tivo'd baseball?

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