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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

echo "Hello, Blogosphere!";

Note that this post was my first post in my blog @ developerWorks. I've moved all the entries over here, so the context is a bit wrong, but I figured I'd leave the post here, and just add this note - pmuellr - 2007/11/07

Who are you?

Patrick Mueller, check out my brief bio at my wiki @ developerWorks.

What are you doing here?

Well, I just took a new position in IBM that involves 'community' (as in programming communities) and so I thought I should set a good example of how to do that by creating a blog here.

In addition to doing something regarding 'community', my new assignment also involves PHP. While I won't quite claim to be a PHP n00b, I'm pretty green. I thought I could let you learn along with me, and hopefully some more knowledgeable folks will happen upon the blog and correct me as appropriate.

I've been blogging for a while; my old blog is here. Before blogging, newsgroups; before newsgroups, VM/CMS FORUMs. Whoops, just dated myself!

Anyway, besides the usual stuff I blog about (maybe I'll drop the movie reviews), expect to see PHP stuff.

By taking this assignment, I left another very cool one: Jazz. My hall-mate Bill Higgins talks about Jazz quite a bit, so go there to learn more. I'll probably do some blabbing about it myself, eventually.

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