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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

RIP: Kim Clohessy

Got some sad news this weekend. Kim Clohessy passed away. Mike Milinkovich also covered this today. +1 on everything said there.

I first met Kim when I went on assignment from IBM to OTI in 1997. I had specifically started working with the embedded software group in Phoenix, and Kim was one of the technical/executive leads there. Kim was one of those great executive and technical guys; worked great in front of customers selling our stuff, but he also knew our stuff. Hell, he helped invent it! But you know, there just aren't enough folks like that.

Kim is actually the only person I personally know who wrote a practical app for Palm with the J9 VM, which was our baby back then; some kind of farm/ranch management tool for his horses, IIRC. He was obviously proud of it, I remember him mentioning it more than once. Of course, he deserved to brag, J9 on the Palm wasn't the easiest thing to work with in early days. You pretty much had to be a rocket scientist.

The picture on Mike's blog is a great picture to remember Kim by; smiling like he usually did.

Later, dude.

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